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To save diesel fuel, solar panels have begun to be installed in remote villages of Chukotka

5 ноября 2020

The installation of solar panels has begun in the Chukotka villages of Markovo, Kanchalan, and Snezhnoye. This was announced on Thursday by Roman Kopin, the governor of the region, in a post on his Instagram page.

"Northern supply hauling is a costly process, which is often contingent on weather conditions. Therefore, the development of renewable energy in the Arctic is a strategic goal. Today, the energy balance of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug is more than 60% made up of "clean energy," including nuclear, wind, and gas. The use of alternative energy sources in small villages is still just beginning, but there are already some projects set for implementation. We have started to build three power plants in the villages of the Anadyr district, including the one in Kanchalan for 400 kW; in Snezhnoye for 180 kW; and in Markovo for 800 kW," reported the governor.

The head of the region added that the power lines had already been laid in Kanchalan and Snezhnoye, and the solar panels are being installed. The launch is scheduled for the end of this year. The construction of the Markovo plant will be completed in 2021.