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Projects to 'Reboot' MSTU and Revive Teriberka Suggested At the Forum of Strong Ideas

The projects were introduced by the governor of the Murmansk Region, Andrei Chibis

3 ноября 2020

The regional selection stage for the best ideas for sustainable development has finished in the Murmansk Region. The ideas were put forward by the citizens of the region in the forum Strong Ideas for a New Time organised by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Roscongress Foundation. Three of them (reload MSTU, create the Teriberka National Park and the Novy Murmansk centre) were suggested by the governor of the Murmansk Region, Andrei Chibis.

The project of transforming the region's key university—the Murmansk State Technical University, also known as 'Vysschaya Morekhodka' (Higher Marine School), into a global university with international cooperation and top-notch researchers is aimed at training highly competitive professionals for national and international projects in the Arctic. Among other things, the governor, Andrei Chibis, suggested enhancing and expanding training for students in the fields of logistics and territorial development, the extraction of mineral resources on the Arctic Shelf, the development of the Arctic ecosystem, bioresources, and biotechnology, and the technosphere safety.

The second project deals with giving a second life to the seaside villages. 'We took the famous village of Teriberka as a basis. We can turn it into a special protected natural zone, actively develop its infrastructure, organise events, attract tourists, and legalise fishing and selling you catch', the governor explained.

The third idea suggests the redevelopment of the port territory surrounding the old dockyard on the shore of the Kola Gulf in Murmansk: the plan is to create Novy Murmansk, a culture and business centre there, with infrastructure for conventions and exhibitions, a fish market, restaurants, a hotel, and offices.

Andrei Chibis emphasised that all three projects have already been launched in the region: 'We do hope that our projects will be among the winners since they already have high ratings. Any support and promotion for such initiatives will be beneficial to us. It will help us reach our goals faster. In any case, we have already started to put them into practice. These are vital growth areas for us'.