Инвестиционный портал Арктической зоны России

'Norilsk of the future': architects from all over the world to develop the city's renovation strategy

The Norilsk renovation project is aimed at improving the citizens' quality of life and is closely linked to the development of the city's main employer and the Krasnoyarsk Territory in general.

15 июля 2021

According to the official website of the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Norilsk City Administration has initiated an open international competition for creating an engineering and design concept for city renovation to be carried out by 2035, in partnership with the Norilsk Development Agency and with the support of Nornickel.

The task is rather unusual: contest participants are expected to reflect the city's unique geographical location, climate, historical architecture and a new vision of the territory in their suggested concepts. The city is developing both as a world-class centre of non-ferrous metallurgy and as an Arctic competence and research centre. With an aim to become more than just a monotown, Norilsk is supporting entrepreneurship, creative industries and tourism.

The international competition is designed for professional organisations working in the fields of integrated territorial development and urban planning, architecture, design, development of public spaces and master planning, capable of attracting economic, financial, social modelling and content programming experts into their team.

Participants are required to fill out an application form on the official website norilsk2035.ru from 13 July until 21 September, provide a portfolio of completed projects demonstrating relevant experience, as well as an essay describing their vision and ideas for Norilsk development based on the city's potential.

In October, the jury will evaluate all applications and select the three finalists who will develop renovation concepts for Norilsk. Competition results will be announced in March 2022.


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