Инвестиционный портал Арктической зоны России

HCDA: Arctic Employers are Interested in Mining Experts

The Human Capital Development Agency in the Russian Far East and the Arctic is currently finishing an assessment of the need for personnel in the Russian Arctic

20 октября 2020

According to TASS, the Director-General of the agency, Sergei Khovrat, noted that employers are especially interested in hiring experts in the mining and processing industry. Khovrat reported that, 'as of today, the survey is almost complete and we are drafting the final documents.

With the arrival of new investors, we have noticed a surge of interest in mining and processing. The next step is to evaluate our existing education system in order to train our own experts, instead of hiring people from the outside', said Khovrat.

In response to a question regarding the preferential schemes in the Arctic, he noted that one of the agency's key priorities is the creation of good working conditions for young professionals.