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The easternmost, the northernmost, the longest

Anadyr set to construct a cableway like no other in the world

26 декабря 2019

A unique cableway planned for construction in Anadyr will connect the city with Ugolnye Kopi settlement. Construction of the cable car right above the Anadyr estuary will solve the problems of passenger and cargo traffic in the region, and contribute to the development of tourism.

There is no regular transport connection between Anadyr and the airport in Ugolnye Kopi. From February to April, you can get there via an ice crossing, in spring and autumn—by helicopter or hovercraft. But northern weather is unpredictable, plus there may be problems with cargo shipping. That's why a suggestion has been made to build a cableway which should keep passenger and cargo traffic uninterrupted. Modern technologies will make sure it works in almost any weather.

When the construction is complete, the cableway between Anadyr and Ugolnye Kopi will become the northernmost and easternmost in Russia, as well as the longest (5.68 km). The cableway will stretch from the centre of Anadyr via the estuary, where the main winter road runs through during the cold months.

What makes this project truly unique is the proposed technology. Despite the length of the cableway, there will only be five piers ranging from 60 to 100 metres high. They will be positioned with 900 to 1,400 metres in between. The plan is to use two load-bearing ropes and self-propelled cranes without pulling ropes and expensive drive stations; cabins will be equipped with diesel engines. The project considers all safety requirements and the specifics of the local climate.

The cable car will be able to operate smoothly amidst wind gusts of up to 28 metres per second and withstand wind gusts of up to 58 metres per second—the highest value recorded on the peninsula in the entire history of observations. There will be an option to lower the cabins to the ground, so people can leave them in case of an emergency.

A one-way trip from Anadyr to Ugolnye Kopi will take approximately 20 minutes. A total of 250 passengers will be able to get from one coast to another in one hour, and 70 thousand passengers—in a year. If things go as planned, the cableway should be completed by summer 2022.

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