Инвестиционный портал Арктической зоны России

Subsidiary of the Far East Development Corporation Established in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Stolitsa Arktiki MC, a subsidiary of the Far East Development Corporation and the Murmansk Region Development Corporation, has been established in Murmansk.

20 июля 2020

The new subsidiary of the Far East Development Corporation has been assigned the management of the Stolitsa Arktiki advanced special economic zone. The management company will facilitate the prompt resolution of any issues faced by residents and potential investors of the ASEZ.

The key responsibilities of the new management company include the establishment of common operational standards for preferential arrangements throughout the region, as well as the protection of business interests. A major project is already underway to establish a construction facility for large-capacity offshore structures for the anchor resident, NOVATEK-Murmansk company.