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New Murmansk will be built for RUB 5 bln

The federal budget will allocate more than RUB 5 bln for the implementation of the New Murmansk project.

26 августа 2020

The agreement on federal funding was signed by the government of the Murmansk Region and the Far East and Arctic Development Fund, said the head of the region Andrey Chibis.

He specified that the federal funds will be used for the construction of a cultural and business centre in Murmansk, the creation of a comfortable embankment and a modern pier on the right bank of the Kola Bay. Another facility is a universal grain terminal.

The New Murmansk project, proposed by the governor of the region, was supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The project includes the construction of an Arctic research and educational centre on the shore of the Kola Bay at Abram Cape, in which it is planned to build a congress centre, hotel and office complexes, as well as modern housing.