Инвестиционный портал Арктической зоны России

Gazprom Neft and MIPT have created a reagent for oil spill response in the Arctic

According to the results of laboratory tests, its efficiency in ice conditions reaches 80%

27 октября 2020

Gazprom Neft and the MIPT Engineering Center have developed a dispersant formulation for responding to oil spills in ice conditions. It was created taking into account the climatic features of the Arctic seas, the company said.

“Today it is the only Russian reagent for oil spill response at low temperatures. Laboratory tests have shown that its efficiency in ice conditions reaches 80%, ”the company noted.

This technology has been in development for over two years. To simulate the natural conditions of the Arctic, more than 10 thousand liters of water and 400 kg of ice from the Barents Sea were delivered to the MIPT laboratory.

In the near future, a technical and economic assessment of a new product, registration of permits for its use and registration of a trademark are expected.